What is Trademark Registration?

A trademark represents the brand of your product or service. Registering it via trademark registration makes you the legal owner of that brand. By registering your trademark you:

  1. Gain legal ownership of your trademark.
  2. Gain protection for that ownership under the IP laws.
  3. Get powers to take anyone trying to use your trademark without your permission to court
  4. Gain the ability to sell your trademark for a hefty profit.
  5. Gain the ability to license your trademark to expand your business.

Trademark registration is just protection of your ownership of your trademark. But its affects are felt throughout the business. By protecting your business identity, trademark registration gives it a chance to gain success.

Difference between a Trademark and Wordmark

A wordmark is a trademark where a word is used as the mark of the trade. A trademark is mark that you can put on your trade. It can be anything from word, logo, shape, smell and even sound. So bottom line is:

A word mark is mark used to identify anything. If it’s unique enough, it can become a trademark. On the other hand, a trademark is a mark that identifies a product/service.

I hope that this simple explanation has quelled much of your confusion surrounding the difference between wordmark and trademark. If it still hasn’t, contact our IP registration experts.

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